European Car Transport Service. Transporting vehicles throughout the UK and Europe.

Car shipping and transport throughout the UK and Europe.

For a professional car transportation service, KE Express can pick up and deliver wherever in the UK and Europe you need it.

Creating the best car transport service means understanding your needs.

We believe there is only one quality of car transportation service, a 5-Star service. We understand you want absolute peace of mind that the vehicle you need to transport is in the hands of people who care. That’s how we build our car transport service, with your expectations in mind. Please fill out the form to receive a quote or simply call us if you have any questions.

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Classic Car Transportation.

It’s not just a beautiful vehicle, a marvel of technology, it’s one of the last of it’s kind. Classic cars have the distinction of being valuable, beautiful and also in limited existence. We get that. We understand that transporting cars across the UK and Europe, never more so than with a classic car, is not a matter to be taken lightly. So we give your classic car the care and attention it deserves all the way from pickup to delivery.

Luxury cars, Performance cars and Exotic cars.

The best way to transport a luxury car, exotic car or performance car is not under its own power. If you need to move a vehicle thousands of kms across multiple European locations, we can help. When you transport your vehicle with us it won’t suffer from road wear or damage by an abusive driver. For every part of the process, we use intensive care because we believe transporting luxury cars, exotic cars and performance cars demands it.

Race car transportation.

Sometimes the most efficient way to move a race car from A to B is not to even start the engine. Shipping your race car on a truck means efficient long distance haulage over ferries, through countries and across borders. Solve your race-car transportation logistical needs with our car transportation service operating in most European Countries (U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany and The Netherlands).

Preparing your car for transportation

We do our very best to deliver above expectations, but there are also some things you can organise yourself to ensure the car is transported safely.

Check your fuel requirements

Gasoline is a highly flammable and volatile liquid and your vehicle should have as little fuel as is practical for the journey. The only exception might be if you anticipate that filling up at the destination might not be easy because of the location or time constraints. As a general rule make sure there is only as much fuel in the car as necessary before we transport it.

Check your car for leaks

Before your car or vehicle is loaded onto our truck, check for any visible signs of leakage. Any leak is a concern and some may even impede our ability to ship the vehicle. In the case of a long haul, you could find the vehicle undrivable when it reaches the destination because of a small leak.

Turn off the alarm

It may be automatic that the alarm is enabled when you lock the car, to avoid problematic situations during transportation, disable the alarm before transit.

Check tyre pressure

Under-inflated or over-inflated tires can increase the risk of damage to the tyre. To ensure the optimal delivery condition checking the tyre pressure prior to shipping the car is advisable.

Wash the car

Before we pick up your vehicle it's a good idea to wash it properly so we can both be sure of its current condition. With a clean car, you’ll be better able to notice any possible damage caused by the shipping process once it arrives at its destination.

Clean the car inside

During transport, your vehicle gets jiggled so to avoid damage inside your car, clean the interior and remove loose items. It's particularly important to remove dangerous are flammable items left in the car, aerosols, and liquids (bottled or otherwise). Also remove any valuables, phones, and chargers.

Lock the car

We do not require any access to the interior of your car or to operate the vehicle in anyway. Once your car is loaded onto our trucks ready for transportation you should immobilise it and lock it for optimal safety.

Consider removing accessories

To reduce the risk of damage to the car or the accessories it's a good idea to review the possibility of removing accessories which extend outside the body of the vehicle like spoilers etc.

Where we operate our Car and Vehicle Transportation Service

KE Express operates a car and vehicles truck shipping services primarily in the UK and Europe. We ship cars generally from U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany and The Netherlands although please ask if your needs are outside these locations.

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25 years of experience in Road Haulage, Logistics and vehicle transportation. We think nobody does car transportation better.

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Your data will be collected and stored for the sole purpose of responding to your interest in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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We transport all kinds of Cars and Vehicles

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